God loves to speak to people, to share His love for them, and His heart for their lives. One of the ways He does so is through the prophetic gift. This website exists so that His heart for the people of New Zealand can be made known through the prophetic words He gives His prophets.


As you read the prophetic words below we trust they will bless and inspire you, as well as giving you insight into what the Lord is doing in our lives personally, and as a nation.


Remember as you read these prophetic words that while some of them may refer to specific time frames, God often works in seasons or eras, rather than to a particular calendar (either Jewish or Gregorian/western). For example a word for the year 2016 may apply to several years either side of that time, as God’s work is often progressive and takes time to come to its fullness. A prophetic word's fulfilment will often also be dependant on people's cooperation with God in what He is doing.


We have divided the prophetic words into two sections. Those given specifically to NZ and those given globally that we feel have significance for the people of New Zealand.